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Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers, also known as dental veneers, are wafer-thin shells of ceramic or resin that are glued (cemented) to the front surface of the teeth (the visible part) to improve their appearance.
Our ceramic veneers will bring back your healthy beautiful smile, without any long operations that are expensive, painful and too invasive.

The advantages of ceramic veneers

The function of ceramic veneers is to hide defects in shape, colour or positioning of the teeth. In the latter case, they are used to restore correct chewing, when one or more crooked teeth make this difficult.
When the teeth have an anomalous shape or altered colour, or there are large gaps between adjacent teeth, ceramic veneers are the perfect solution for restoring normally functioning teeth and a natural-looking smile.
Our +HC network will carefully assess your condition in order to suggest the most effective solution for you.

Innovative techniques and materials at your service

Application of ceramic veneers is a simple procedure requiring a minimum of two appointments. The first phase involves preparation of the tooth for the veneer and then a cast is made of the tooth and the shade of veneer closest to the patient’s own tooth colour is chosen. Our laboratory then produces a made-to-measure veneer for you, and temporary veneers can be made and applied until the permanent ones are ready.

The choice of resin or ceramic depends on assessment of the health of the tooth and the different advantages that the two materials bring.
While resin veneers call for a lesser quantity of enamel to be removed and are faster to repair, if necessary, those in ceramic, made to measure, are more resistant and maintain the tooth’s natural appearance longer.
We assist our patients at every stage of their treatment, including the post-op period, providing information and constant, direct support.

How to take care of ceramic veneers

Adequate oral hygiene, together with the right measures to reduce to a minimum the risk of chipping, breaking or staining the ceramic veneers, help to preserve them and guarantee they last in time.