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Dental Bringes

The dental bridge is a dental restoration technique that serves to compensate for one or more neighbouring (adjacent) missing teeth. It applies a partial prosthesis to the two healthy teeth on either side of the gap, giving you back a smile as beautiful and healthy as a natural one.

The advantages of dental bridges

Dental bridges are the most effective solution for aesthetic and functional problems deriving from missing teeth, improving both chewing and phonetics. Despite the many different variables affecting the duration of a dental bridge (materials used, oral hygiene, bad habits), dental bridges are a long-lasting effective solution.
The patient’s clinical condition must be assessed before installation of a dental bridge. Our +HC network will carefully assess your condition in order to suggest the best solution for extremely natural aesthetic and functional results.

How a dental bridge is applied

Depending on the case in question, application of a bridge may require preliminary procedures such as extraction of a tooth, implantation of a post and preparation of the teeth that will act as abutments.
While the prosthesis is modelled to fit the patient’s dental impression, the permanent bridge is tried in the mouth to check it is comfortable, accurate and the right colour, before it is permanently cemented in place.
Our +HC network will carefully assess your condition in order to suggest the most effective solution.

Innovative techniques and materials at your service

Our +HC network make its dental bridges from ceramic because this is the most effective and efficient material from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. We use metal-free materials to avoid the slow yet inevitable release of metal into the body.
Al the materials used by +HC for are internationally certified and covered by guarantee.
Our network will assist you at every stage of your treatment, including the post-op period, providing information and constant, direct support.