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Teeth Whitening

A nice smile is a very important ‘calling card’ that requires healthy beautiful teeth.
Professional teeth whitening is the most effective solution for getting back your natural smile.

The advantages of teeth whitening

Tooth colour is a genetically determined characteristic: everyone has their own specific colour.
However, poor oral hygiene, a bad diet, cigarette smoking or some medicines can deprive the teeth of their natural brilliance.
Professional teeth whitening restores natural colour to your teeth and gives your smile its original brilliance back.
Our network will carefully assess your condition to suggest the most effective solution for you and give you a healthy mouth and natural smile.

Teeth whitening techniques

Professional teeth whitening can be carried out with one of two techniques: in the dental surgery, for patients wanting immediate results, or at home, with greater control over any ensuing problems with sensitivity.
The former technique is carried out by the dentist and takes from 40 to 60 minutes, using high-concentration chemical whitening agents. Their action is boosted by specific lamps that help the product to work deep down. The most widespread active principle is a 35-38% hydrogen peroxide gel.
For home whitening, after an impression has been taken, a made-to-measure acetate mouth tray is created. At home, the patient then fills the tray with a carbamide peroxide gel and wears it on his or her teeth for half an hour a day, for three weeks. The whitening gel has an 18% concentration of carbamide.

How to keep your smile healthy and beautiful for a long time

To keep your teeth white longer, several steps using natural products can be adopted. Bicarbonate of soda has a whitening effect because it removes stains from teeth, leaving them brighter and shinier: added to a few drops of lemon juice, it can be used on teeth like a toothpaste, taking care not to exaggerate to avoid corroding the enamel.
Another very widespread remedy is sage: just rub the leaves directly on the teeth, which also solves any problems with bad breath.