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+HC Zagreb

The +HC Zagreb team was born from an experienced and highly professional team in a newly opened dental practice.

The dental studio in Zagreb is located 5 minutes walking distance from bus station at the address Strojarska ulica 22.

Our strengths:

SAFETY. Our equipment carries European certifications and conforms with international standards.

QUALITY. All the materials we use are covered by a warranty and they are produced by the best European companies in the dental market.

PROFESSIONALISM. In our team, we give a great deal of importance to on-going professional training. This is why our dentists attend international refresher courses.

TECHNOLOGY. Thanks to the top-notch technology we have in our dental office, we can provide the patients dental treatment with reduced levels of pain.

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Our studio in Zagreb

Our team

Our treatments

We provide customized dental therapies and an exhaustive dental service.

Fixed prostheses

Implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth while safeguarding the existing healthy teeth. Decades of scientific research confirm that titanium based implants represent the benchmark of excellence in terms of osseointegration. Download our material

Removable prostheses

Dental prostheses are used to compensate the loss of all teeth (as in full dentures) or of some teeth (partial dentures).

They may differ according to the type of material used: hence, the existence of acrylic prostheses and skeletal prostheses constructed on a metal base.

They provide an aesthetic and functional solution enabling the patient to return to a perfectly acceptable quality of life. Download our material

All on four implants

This technique provides a «new» set of teeth by using just four implants to which the entire prosthesis is attached. It is the optimal solution for those who have lost a significant number of teeth. This technique is much more «natural» than a removable prosthesis, because it enables the patient to adapt to it more rapidly. Download our material

All on six technique

Unlike the previous technique, this solution may compensate for the loss of all teeth with six implants to which the bridge is secured. The All-on-six technique also provides an optimal solution whenever teeth from single arches are missing, as well as allowing for rapid integration. Download our material

Bridges and crowns

Zirconia porcelain is used instead of metal to construct crowns and bridges. This material is white in colour and therefore ensures excellent results in terms of appearance, even when the gums are starting to recede. On the upper part (on the rims of the crown or bridge) it prevents the formation of those dark marks typical of metal-porcelain crowns. Download our material

Porcelain facet facings

Porcelain facet facings are veneers that change the colour, shape and position of teeth. Unlike conventional crowns, they do not require the entire volume of the tooth to be restructured, other than the elimination of a small part of the enamel on the front face. Download our material


Metal-porcelain is one of the most widely used materials in fixed implants (crowns and bridges). The (very strong) metal frame ensures elevated resistance. Download our material

Tooth whitening treatment

This is a cosmetic dentistry treatment aimed at making teeth whiter. Download our material


Orthodontics deals with solving problems associated with the positioning of teeth, by using light continuous orthodontic forces, which allow for tooth movement without collateral effects.

The orthodontist is the professional figure engaged in evaluating the situation and suggesting appropriate treatment. Download our material

LASERS in dentistry

The use of LASERS in dentistry enables dental care and treatments that are faster and less painful, as well as reducing the need for traditional “drills”. They may be employed on hard tissue (teeth and bones) as well as on soft tissue (gums and gingival mucosa). Download our material

Technical laboratory

Our advanced technical laboratories are equipped with latest generation technological apparatus and employ highly innovative materials (metal porcelain e.max, BIOHPP and CAD-CAM). Download our material

Anti-age facial treatments

Latest generation hyaluronic acid-based fillers regale a younger-looking face that is better hydrated and more luminous. Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable molecule that facilitates the creation of new collagen. It is used to increase the volume of lips and cheeks and to solve the problem of wrinkles around the eyes, between the eyebrows, lip contours and angles of the mouth. The result lasts from 6 to 12 months. Download our material